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Parker Auto Transport
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Providing quality transportation service FOR OVER 30 YEARS
Parker Auto Transport is a small family owned business that believes in customer service and not volume. Here at Parker Trucking, you are not just another number; you are Helen with the 2010 Toyota Camry from Arizona to Florida! We only take on a certain amount of vehicles at a time to ensure that our customers get the customer service that they deserve.

Our goal is to make the experience of moving your vehicle as simple as possible and enjoyable.
Cheap quotes don’t move vehicles. When a driver is loading his truck, he knows that he must get XYZ amount per vehicle in order to pay for his expenses. If your vehicle does not meet XYZ amount, your vehicle will not move. Money moves cars not promises. Choose wisely, we are here to help if you have any questions. As an owner operator we know what it takes to get your vehicle moved.


Parker Auto Transport, LLC is licensed and bonded as required by the U.S. Transportation Department.
Our license number is MC676272

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