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Jesse Andres

Thank you very much for the reliable and on time transport! The staff at Parker auto were fantastic and the driver was very polite. I read many reviews before choosing a company, Not only did Parker have great reviews, but their price was right in the ball park of all of the other quotes I had gotten. I learned a lot about the process when I transported my car. The lowest price will not always get your car moved! Choose someone that you feel comfortable with and someone who is honest! You will have a good experience with a company like Parker Auto! Thank you again!

April 08, 2016


Leanne is awesome and works with you every step of the way. She is completely on top of what’s going on, when the driver is picking up the car and dropping off. The driver met to pick up the car exactly as we understood and phoned prior to let us know his ETA. Leanne told me the car would be dropped off in a two-hour window and it was exact. The driver who delivered the car in AZ was on time and everything was extremely professional. The company had been recommended to me through a Facebook group when I presented the question of auto transport. A person told me they used this company to transport two vehicles from Oregon to Ohio and how pleased they were with the service. I checked many and was almost scared after reading horror stories so I felt better from a local who recommended their services.  And, Angie’s List also had great reviews for the company. I’m so happy to recommend this company to anyone looking for auto transport services. Thanks for a great experience, Leanne!

April 04, 2016

Alex Cassel

Parker Auto has been one of the easiest companies I have come across to transport a car. Communication was great from start to finish, and my car had arrived in the same condition as when it left. The driver was pleasant and had given me a 2 hour notice before he arrived. I would definitely recommend Parker Auto, they will be the only company I use from here on out.

April 02, 2016


I contacted Parker trucking after reading several reviews for several companies. When I called I immediately spoke with Leanne as she answered any questions I had. I had learned they are a family business that takes time to speak with their customers and make you feel comfortable with the process. Everything went so smoothly, there is no question I will be contacting them In the future for my transport needs.

April 01, 2016

Rhonda Eastbrook

I reached out to Parker Auto transport after being referred to them by a friend. When I called I spoke with Leanne who had provided a quote over the phone for me. I had some scheduling conflicts due to being out of town and not available for a couple of weeks. Leanne was able to work around my schedule and make the process very simple. She emailed me all details and always kept me updated. The driver was very polite and the vehicle showed up in the same condition I left it in. I will be contacting them in the future for my transportation needs.

March 29, 2016

Another Satisfied Client

Can’t Say Enough
I cannot say enough of how pleased I am with the high level of service I received as was promised. Communication –pre-calls- on time-great attitude—professional—nice truck and driver Robert is beyond excellent- — if I ever needed a reference to have people call me — it was quite a pleasure.

March 10, 2016

Another Happy Client

Let me be very honest from the start ! I have never written a review for a company but was compelled to for Parker Auto Transport. This company was such a pleasure to work with. Leanne was wonderful both in her professionalism and her communication. Unfortunately I had dealt with another transport company and ended up cancelling and getting my money back !! Let me save you a lot of time and headache. Call Parker and get it done right the first time. Thank you Leanne once again for all your help. Much appreciated. Hope you have wonderful holidays!

December 08, 2015


I recently used MJ Parker Trucking to ship my daughter’s car off to college. Overall, and despite my “nervous nellie” disposition, the service was terrific. Leanne did a great job of handholding me – taking particular care to help coordinate some tricky timing and delivery requirements. Mostly, I appreciated how Leanne over communicated with me every step of the way.

October 23, 2015


Overall, I enjoyed a great experience at a very competitive price (we received bids from three other A-rated transport companies). My challenge was that my daughter was racing to complete a research project at a lab in New Mexico (we live in California) and had no time to meet the truck during normal business hours. She also worked up to the last minute and just before jumping on a plane to start college in Georgia. Leanne went above and beyond to find a local storage facility in Santa Fe (open 24-hours) that could also manage loading the car onto big-rig the next day. My daughter was able to drop off the car on a Sunday and catch her 6:30 am flight two hours later. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

October 22, 2015


Parker Auto Transport went above and beyond to help my wife and I move our cars during our relocation from Virginia to Colorado. I actually had them ship two cars for me (cost above shown in the review is the per car cost). One of the two had to be transported in an enclosed trailer, so both cars departed for and arrived in Colorado on different days. Adding to the complication, we had to drive ourselves across country in our third car while those two cars were in transit. Leanne at Parker went our of her way to make sure that the pick-up and drop off occurred during the very narrow windows of time that worked for us. She even arranged to store one of the cars in a safe location, at no additional cost, when it arrived in Colorado a couple of days before we did. Both cars arrived undamaged, and no dirtier than they were when they left our driveway in Virginia. Would definitely recommend, and would use again if the need arises.

September 07, 2015


Very responsive, professional. About the same price as everyone else.

August 23, 2015


Outstanding experience! It was easy to arrange for the service on the company website, but I also dealt by phone with company employees who were courteous and knowledgeable. Driver was prompt, responsive, thorough, professional, and accommodating. He arrived ahead of schedule for pick up and delivery. He kept us well informed and the car was delivered in good condition.

August 08, 2015


Excellent! Looking to ship your car? Look no further!
I spent three weeks combing the internet for a auto transporter to ship an Audi from Sacramento. CA to North Carolina. I looked at BBB ratings and then compared them to reviews. Those two things are not always the same – so beware. However, I’ve done the work and now I can tell you that Parker Trucking is the way to go. I spoke to Joanne the first time, one week ago. My car arrived yesterday; Monday to Monday – done deal! Great communication, honesty, great driver/transport. Excellent experience. I couldn’t be happier – and I have to tell you, I was getting ready to buy a ticket and fly to California to get the car because I read so many horror stories. Don’t take chances with brokers who offer you discounts. There’s a reason for that. 🙂 Thanks Joanne, Jeremy, and Scott.

November 09, 2010

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