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Jesse Andres

Thank you very much for the reliable and on time transport! The staff at Parker auto were fantastic and the driver was very polite. I read many reviews before choosing a company, Not only did Parker have great reviews, but their price was right in the ball park of all of the other quotes I had gotten. I learned a lot about the process when I transported my car. The lowest price will not always get your car moved! Choose someone that you feel comfortable with and someone who is honest! You will have a good experience with a company...

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Leanne is awesome and works with you every step of the way. She is completely on top of what's going on, when the driver is picking up the car and dropping off. The driver met to pick up the car exactly as we understood and phoned prior to let us know his ETA. Leanne told me the car would be dropped off in a two-hour window and it was exact. The driver who delivered the car in AZ was on time and everything was extremely professional. The company had been recommended to me through a Facebook group when I presented...

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Alex Cassel

Parker Auto has been one of the easiest companies I have come across to transport a car. Communication was great from start to finish, and my car had arrived in the same condition as when it left. The driver was pleasant and had given me a 2 hour notice before he arrived. I would definitely recommend Parker Auto, they will be the only company I use from here on out. April 02, 2016

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